By hiring Good Dog Pet Care for Pet Care services, you agree to our Terms.


  • GDPC cannot and will not accept specific time frames as specific times cannot be guaranteed. A two (2) hour arrival window is applied on all visits.

  • GDPC does not accept aggressive pets. Pet is cared for based on client’s representation. If a pet has a history of biting and/or attacking, or shows signs of aggression, GDPC reserves the right to refuse and/or discontinue service.

  • Any pet care schedule request and/or changes, updates/information made via assigned caretakers, cannot be guaranteed. Please contact GDPC directly via telephone, E-Mail or log in to make any necessary requests/updates. (571) 451-7055 | assist@gooddogpetcare.co.

  • To keep communication clear and honor our 1 Point-of-Contact policy, caretakers cannot and may not provide clientele with personal phone numbers and/or E-Mail. Please contact the office directly with any and all updates/information, changes, requests, questions, and concerns. (571) 451-7055 | assist@gooddogpetcare.co.

  • GDPC reserves the right to cancel or discontinue/suspend Pet Care service if property poses a hazard or insanitary threat causing injury or medical issue upon staff.


  • 2 sets of working keys must be provided prior to the start of service. 

Relying on a Garage Pad or Key Code Pad for our entry? Please keep in mind, electricity can go out and batteries can die at any time! A waiver will need to be signed if any clients do not wish to supply keys for service visits.

  • If set of keys (2 copies) are not provided during the initial consultation, a $13 fee will be accessed for pickup of items prior to the scheduled service visit. Keys can be left out in a ‘secret place’ for pick up during first visit if client does not wish to incur Key Pickup fee. GDPC is not responsible if keys are stolen prior to our arrival. 

  • If only 1 key is supplied for pet care services, a $20 fee will be accessed for duplication of key cost and travel to and from nearest hardware store.

  • If client requests keys delivered upon completion of service:

» $13 fee will be accessed for delivery drop off.
» $10 fee will be accessed for delivery via priority mail.
» Keys may only be returned via delivery and/or priority mail and cannot be picked up.

  • Please allow 7 – 10 business days for processing of key(s) return.

*Keys can be left outside client’s home, in hidden spot, per client’s request, with no liability held against GDPC.

  • In the event that a Locksmith is required during a scheduled Pet Care visit, client is responsible for any and all Locksmith fees associated. We will make contact prior to hiring of such services.

  • GDPC ensures client safety. Our key management system protects client information for if the unfortunate event, that a key is lost in our care, all client keys are coded in numeric format for client security purposes. Your home information are kept private strictly with our office. If a client feels the need to re-key their home, the bill/service is solely on the client. GDPC is not responsible of such bill as we take drastic measures to ensure security with our system.


  • Weekdays/Monday – Friday service requests: 48 hour advance notice

  • Monday service request: Thursday COB (5pm)

  • Weekend service requests: Wednesday COB (5pm)

  • Day Time Care & 24 Hour Pet Care: 7 day advance notice

  • Holiday service requests: 10 day advance notice

  • All requests made outside the deadline are considered ‘Last Minute’. As our dedication to our clients, we will try our best to accommodate Last Minute requests, however, keep in mind, the regular (or requested) walker/sitter may not be available and another team member will be assigned. Requested time frames may not be met due to the nature of reconfiguring the schedule. We will do our best to arrive within the time frame, but cannot guarantee. GDPC cannot guarantee Last Minute service. There is a ‘Last Minute’ additional charge of:

                   » $10 for Monday – Friday requests (per visit)

                   » $2 Day of Schedule Time Change request (per visit)

                   » $10 for Weekend requests (per visit)

                   » $20 for Day Time Care requests (1 time fee)

                   » $30 for 24 Hour Pet Care (1 time fee)

                   » $30 for Holiday Requests (1 time fee)


GDPC accepts the following forms of payment for provided services:
» ALL Credit Cards
-American Express

We do not accept cash, check, or money order for form of payments for service. Please update you account with one of the following accepted credit cards.

  • Dog Walking Service: Payments are collected via Credit Card, every Sunday.

  • Vacation Pet & Cat Sitting service: 50% of payment billed prior to the start of service. Remaining balance billed upon your arrival.

  • A 2% fee is applied to all late payments not received. No exceptions.

  • Unpaid balance of seven (7) calendar days and/or more for pet care will result in suspension of service until the balance is paid in full.




Depending on availability, Day Time Care and 24 Hour Pet Care may not be available on Major holidays.


At times, a walker or sitter may encounter a pet mess clean up “surprise” upon their arrival, administering medicine difficulties with a pet, pet difficulty, or danger in your home due to ‘acts of God’, etc. This causes an extension in the scheduled time. To compensate for these time-consuming incidents, there will be an additional charge, in increments of 15 minutes based on scheduled service.


The GPS feature is solely dependent on availability, signal strength and location/coverage. As with any GPS or mobile data device, the accuracy of the location information shown on the tracking panel depends on, amongst other things, the quality of the connection between the GPS satellites and the connection with the mobile phone network. These can be affected by environmental factors such as bad weather or the presence of tall buildings and information can be delayed, corrupted or lost. We do not warrant that the GPS feature will be available at all times, as (in addition to the factors mentioned above), it may be down for maintenance or as a result of a fault (lost or damaged phone). Use of the GPS feature is not a substitute for proper care and supervision of pet(s). We do not accept liability for GPS function unavailability or malfunction.


Please contact GDPC via telephone, E-Mail or log in by:

  • 24 hour notice for Dog Walking service.

  • 48 Hour (2 day) notice on all Pet Sitting & Pet Taxi services.

  • 72 Hour (3 Day) notice on Overnight services.

  • 1 Week notice for all Holiday visits scheduled

  • Failure to contact GDPC within required time frame will result in:

                     » Full charge on Monday – Friday schedule.*

                     » $20 charge on Day Time Care and 24 Hour Pet Care.

                     » $50 charge on Holiday scheduled visits.

*If canceling within 1 hour of or within scheduled timeframe of visit, full amount will be charged.

  • If upon arrival, caretaker is unable to perform service due not being able to gain entry, if service is still performed, or if client is home and denies service, full payment of service visit to be charged. No exceptions.


At this time, we do not offer refunds but will re-do the service to your satisfaction. Depending on outcome – Refunds are on case-by-case basis.


Account balances must be satisfied prior to releasing/returning of keys.


All services completed on a “Holiday”, is subject to a additional $5/visit Holiday Surcharge. Please review GDPC’s Holiday list below:

* New Years’ Day
* Day After New Years’ Day (if holiday falls on a Sunday)
* Memorial Day
* 4th of July/Independence Day
* Labor Day
* Thanksgiving Day
* Day After Thanksgiving Day
* Christmas Day
* Day After Christmas Day
* Christmas Eve
* New Year’s Eve

All services completed on a “Holiday Weekend”, is subject to a additional $5/visit Holiday Surcharge. Please review GDPC’s Holiday Weekend list below:

* New Years Weekend (if applicable)
* Memorial Weekend (Friday – Sunday)
* 4th of July Weekend (if applicable)
* Friday Before 4th of July/Independence Day (if holiday falls on a Saturday)
* Monday After 4th of July/Independence Day (if holiday falls on a Sunday)
* Labor Day Weekend (Saturday – Monday)
* Thanksgiving Weekend
* Christmas Weekend (if applicable)


  • For the safety of our staff and your pet, GDPC follows the Federal Government (OPM) Weather Cancellation schedule. GDPC will be closed and will not perform any service visits if the Federal Government is closed. If we are unable to provide previously scheduled Pet Sitting services due to dangerous road conditions, we can provide Day Time Pet Care at $27.25/per hour (up to 8 hours) or a 24 Hour Pet Care visit in your home for a flat rate of $120.25 per day. If a walker/sitter is held/kept in your home due to inclement weather emergency (i.e. a tree falls blocking the walker/sitter in, etc.) not allowing them to leave the premises, Day Time Care or 24 Hour Pet Care pricing automatically applies. In addition, please supply Emergency Contact information.

  • We appreciate your understanding and patience during inclement weather conditions. Arrivals times may be delayed due to our “safety-slow driving and cautious” policy. All Pet Care Specialist’s will keep below the posted speed limits to ensure a safety commute to and from scheduled visits. 

  • During snow/icy conditions, – Please have all walkways including driveways clear of ice and/or snow for the safety of our staff and your pet.

  • During humid/hot conditions – Dog walks will be limited to strictly “Potty Breaks” and indoor playtime for the reminder time of the scheduled visit. This is for the safety of your dog’s breed and Pet Care Specialist. No exceptions.

  • If your place of work has deemed a working day as ‘closed’ or you have simply taken the day off (and do not require the scheduled visit), please refer to GDPC’s Cancellation Policy above.