Certainly! We’ll also schedule multiple visits on the weekends and holidays if you need us.

Yes. Dogs love consistency. It is our intention to service your dog at the same time everyday for our Dog Walking services. Our Pet Sitting services are devoted the same intention to perform our services at the same time everyday as well depending upon your pets needs and flexibility. During our Consultations, we’ll discuss optimal visit times and schedule a two-hour window following your scheduled service. This window allows us to address life’s little surprises. We use sophisticated scheduling along with GPS tracking and alerting so we can anticipate and resolve issues to better keep our promised schedule with you and your pets.

Yes, we strive to have the same caretaker service your pets every time. Occasionally, circumstances like scheduling conflicts, emergency, illness, vacation time, etc. prevent your regular team member from attending to your pet. In cases, a designated back-up caretaker will service your pets. With a pre-scheduled engagement, Back-up caretakers visit with your pets alongside your primary caretaker to familiarize themselves with your pets.

To arrange for services, simply reach out to us via E-Mail hello@gooddogpetcare.co, Call us (571) 451-7055. We’ll begin by scheduling a 30-minute Consultation. During this time we’ll introduce ourselves to your pets, discuss your needs, explain how we can assist you and your pets through our services, and make note of any special requests. We’ll also go over how to schedule services and define procedures to best care for your home and pets. If you’re interested in our walking services, we may take your dog for a brief walk to get to know them and their habits. The Consultation is $14.

We require you give us two sets of keys, one for your regular caretaker and one for our office in a secure location just in case we have a change in plans.